S.O.U.L. - Serving Others Universally with Love

This website is an expression of my desire to lovingly provide an environment that encourages the calming of the fluctuations of the mind through a physical practice; cultivating love and service for ourselves and others, while sharing a passion for yoga. An Ohana for yogi’s of all degrees.
Nicole Floyd
Aloha : ) my name is Nicole and I have a deep rooted love for the ocean, nature, healing, and yoga. My Yoga practice began 15 years ago in my birth place Phoenix, Arizona. I have has been guiding yoga basics, yoga flow, and meditation since late 2011. In October 2013 I had the honor of birthing my daughter Alaea Jade . The entire experience has opened the door to helping expecting mothers and guiding Connecting To Your Baby Workshops. My passions for learning and helping have been combined in recent years with studies in Native American healing along with Hawaiian lomilomi teachings. With trainings in Arizona and Hawaii at AtOne Yoga/LifePower and Corpower Yoga along with amazing teachers from all over the world, I stay rooted in graditude. All of my friends, teachers, and guildes along the way have helped me have a strong Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga foundation with an abundance to pull from. The trainings have  included in depth study of the yoga sutras, asanas, Ayurveda, the history of yoga and much more.

I have a passion for leading students inward through the practice of opening the heart and awareness of breath. My teaching style integrates natural leadership with good vibes and lots of love.


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